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Blue Scholars – Summer In The SEA

July 26, 2010

Covering a classic, “Summertime in the LBC”, Blue Scholars give us their latest cut, paying homage to summertime in the 206.

“Last year, I attempted to do a mixtape/freeverse type song using the ‘Summertime in the LBC’ instrumental. Miserable fail. Soon as I turned the mic on, I’d hear the original vocals over and over in my head. So I just started singing that instead, changing some of the lyrics along the way. Then I sent it to a few friends and forgot all about it. A year passed, and The Sun started making cameos again in our gray little city, along with requests to put out a mixed-down version of the song.

“So here it is. Our tribute to summer in Seattle, and an homage to what I believe to be the finest summertime song of my generation. From my birthplace (LBC) to my nowplace (Seattle), to anywhere people of the sun gather to celebrate its presence.” — Geo of Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars – Summer In The SEA