Video: Rick Ross Talks Free Mason

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Above, Rick Ross talks to MTV about his collab joint with Jay-Z and John Legend, “Free Mason“. He speaks on why he chose to run with that title and the energy generated during the recording session with Hov and Legend.

“I know if I’m on a record with Jay-Z, not only are my rhymes gonna be on point, not only is the flow gonna be intact, but the way I say the words … The title of the record, the meaning of the record, is the title big enough for the expectations of this collaboration? A lot of people were like, ‘Wow, that’s what you gonna title the record?’ I’m like, ‘Why not?’ That’s what hip-hop’s about. Let’s get to the point. It’s so much speculation, so many whispers coming out of the sewers. Why not do a record and call it ‘Free Mason’ and we do what we do on it and they’ll know when they hear it. The title may throw them off, but it’s a good thing. They gotta hear it, and when they listen to it, everything that’s running through their minds, it’ll be answered. That was the whole idea when I brought it to [Jay].”

Teflon Don is in stores now.


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