7.19.10: the daily round

Drake talks with MTV about his upcoming video, “Fancy”. [HER]

New Balance and Offspring collaborate for a special Covent Garden Pack. [KicksOnFire]

Here comes a compilation of over 200 reasons why women have sex, and the three reasons that men do. [CollegeCandy]

Still not convinced that this summer offers any quality movies? Well here is a list of nine ways that Inception will wake up the summer movie season. [Cinematical]

Michael Jordan isn’t the only one questioning Lebron James‘ move to Miami. [HHW]

Here is a compilation of ten people to avoid while drinking. [BroBible]

Some pretty dope perspective artwork. [BBC]

Nicki Minaj is a top-five candidate for MTV’s ‘Hottest Breakthrough MC’s Of 2010′. [YHTN]

Here comes the official mixtape artwork for Brake Lights, the collaborative mixtape from Game, DJ Skee and Cool & Dre. [NahRight]

Director Anthony Vu presents this inspirational video highlighting the work of San Francisco-based illustrator Pascal Campion. [HypeBeast]


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