7.9.10: the week we had

Though we just started this blog, it is already time to take a weekend break. However, every Friday night, I will post some of the highlights that we featured on the site during the week, giving everyone a chance to catch up if they missed anything.

This segment is similar to the daily round, in that we give you links to check out that we found interesting, however, they are all from this site instead of outsides sources.

This segment will be featured weekly on the blog, as it is very difficult to maintain the site over the weekend. However, every Sunday evening, I will do a feature called “the weekend round up.”, where we will give you any news that you missed over the weekend, including fashion, music, sports, or just about anything we decide to post on. “the weekend round up.” will give you a chance to catch up with the site from the weekend, as well as give you links to everything you could possibly want.

So, without further ado, here is the first “the week we had.” segment.

where you from, bro?” started up yesterday, and we are just getting started. [LINK]

Robert Rodriguez‘s Machete trailer has released. [LINK]

From his upcoming mixtape, More About Nothing, Wale releases a song, titled “Workin”. [LINK]

Drake talks about Kanye’s new album. [LINK]

Lebron James finally chose a team to play for. [LINK]

Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij and Bethany Contentino release a summer anthem, entitled “All Summer”. [LINK]



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